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1.25"x1.25"x5" Collins Cubes


A Wicked Clear Collins Spear perfect for the Collins glass! Tom Collins, Whiskey Collins, or Mojitos--this is the cube for you. Slow melting. Perfectly clear. No impurities.   


Small order includes twenty-four (24) Collins spears packaged in two 1-gallon size vacuum zip bags. Large order is 96 spears in eight 1-gallon vacuum sealed bags.


5" Collins Spears

  • When removing a Wicked Clear Ice cube directly from the freezer, let it  sit at room temperature for 2-3 minutes before contact with liquid to minimize ice fractures.

    If your Wicked Clear Ice cubes stick together, place on cutting board and very gently rock on the seam with a serated bread knife. The cubes should separate cleanly.

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