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1.25"x1.25"x5" Collins Spears


A Wicked Clear Collins Cube perfect for the Collins glass! Tom Collins, Whiskey Collins, or Mojitos--this is the spear for you. Slow melting. Perfectly clear. No impurities.   


Small order includes twenty-four (24) Collins spears packaged in two 1-gallon size vacuum zip bags. Box order is 108 spears in nine 1-gallon vacuum sealed bags.


2"x2"x2" Craft Cubes


A Wicked Clear 4oz square rock that dominates every glass of bourbon or other cocktal. Perfect for double rocks glasses or larger, and check that your party rental glasses can fit these quarter-pound beautiful boulders in your glassware (needs 2 7/8" inside diameter).  If you need a slightly thinner cube, request our 1.75x1.75x2" Club cube when ordering.


Small order includes thirty-two (32) faceted cubes packaged in two 1-gallon size vacuum zip bags. Box order is 100 cubes in 5 vacuum sealed bags of 20.


Wicked Clear Spheres:

2.5" inch perfectly round


The perfectly round rock for the perfect bourbon, whiskey, or cocktail. The shape minimizes surface area contact with your drink for less dilution while it lasts longer. But the sound and look in your glass can't be rivaled.  


Small order includes twelve (12) Clear Spheres packaged in three quart-size vacuum bags. Large order is 20 Clear Spheres.


Chiseled Cubes:

Large Hand Crafted Cubes


Spectacular cubes vary in size and shape, giving an impressive hand crafted appearance to your drink.


Typically larger than 2.5" in at least one dimension, orders vary in size and quantity. Ensure your glasses can fit these clear "rocks!"  (Small order 18-24 cubes. Large order 54-72 cubes.)


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