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2"x2"x2" Craft Cubes


A Wicked Clear 4oz square rock that dominates every glass of bourbon or other cocktal. Perfect for double rocks glasses or larger, and check that your party rental glasses can fit these quarter-pound beautiful boulders in your glassware (must be 2 7/8" inside diameter).  If you need a slightly thinner cube, request our 1.75x1.75x2" Club cube for the same price when after you orders these.


Small order includes thirty-two (32) cubes packaged in two 1-gallon size vacuum sealed bags. Box order is 100 cubes in five 1-gallon vacuum sealed bags.


2" Craft Cubes

  • When removing a Wicked Clear Ice cube directly from the freezer, let it  sit at room temperature for 2-3 minutes before contact with liquid to minimize ice fractures.

    If your Wicked Clear Ice cubes stick together, place on cutting board and very gently rock on the seam with a serated bread knife. The cubes should separate cleanly.

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